In one day and age the black smoke bellowing out of diesel truck exhaust was commonly seen and accepted.  Have you noticed the change?  Since 2007 there has been a significant change with the requirements of diesel truck emissions for all newly manufactured sales made in the United States.  This mandate was the addition of a diesel particulate filter into the exhaust system of diesel engine trucks.  This filter efficiently captures the soot particles that were once expelled constantly into the air we breathe.

It is amazing how in 11 years of time, it has become clear, its more commonly seen that the black smoke has vanished.  And the noise has become quieter and smoother, while the power and stamina of diesel engine trucks has only increased.  We had a rise of diesel truck sales in 2006 of people wanting to avoid the potential added costs of having a DPF system.  Now, these older trucks are rare or retired with millions of miles traveled and no longer cost effective to use.  Today the market of diesel truck owners has well adapted to the DPF systems they must maintain and use, and the service experts have gained lots of ground on best practices and methods of efficiency to meet demand.  With technology being implemented at a rate that is faster than ever before, it’s not easy to trust your own thinking and ways.  Cost and time is crucial to our economy and the means used for distribution, of goods and services, we all have been accustomed to and rely on.

If you haven’t heard of DPF Services or experienced service that exceeds your expectations, then we would love the opportunity to earn your business.  Our business is aimed to serve your DPF needs and fortify trust that we are using the best methods possible to save the cost and time of your fleets inactivity.

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